Sustainable Travel Emerges as Industry Rebuilds

Wednesday, October 6
10-10:45AM Pacific time


Time to reimagine tourism

Almost 60% of travelers say they're willing to pay more for their trip to be more sustainable.*

This willingness to spend extra on sustainability is an opportunity for travel brands to rebuild their businesses with the future in mind and earn the loyalty of conscientious travelers. In order to meet this demand, travel brands are reimagining how they view sustainability.

In this panel discussion, you'll hear from Iberostar Group and UNESCO on ways to encourage responsible travel, avoiding over-tourism and helping visitors connect with unique cultures and experiences. 

You'll learn more about:

  • the increased demand for sustainable travel and how to meet these new expectations
  • ways to encourage sustainable travel practices in your destination
  • how travel brands are showcasing their sustainability to attract travelers


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*Expedia Group Traveler Value Index 2021


Featured Speakers


Jennifer Andre - Vice President, Sales, Expedia Group Media Solutions

Jennifer oversees the global partner-facing team that connects advertisers with the hundreds of millions of travelers across the Expedia Group travel brands. She and her team specialize in developing strategic marketing programs for destinations, accommodations, transportation, attractions and activities, financial services, retail and more.


Katherine Cheng – Head of Global and Community Impact, Expedia Group

Katherine Cheng oversees CSR strategy, sustainability, corporate grants and giving, volunteerism, and community engagement. Her work is focused on finding ways to keep Expedia's global employees fulfilled in giving back to the communities where they live and work while cultivating relationships and partnerships that have significant impact in the communities where Expedia does business.

In a nutshell, she'll tell you that she has the coolest job in the company.


Dr. Megan Morikawa – Global Director of Sustainability, Iberostar Group

Dr. Megan Morikawa is the Global Sustainability Office Director at Iberostar where she leads the Wave of Change movement, an initiative based on three action lines: circular economy, responsible seafood consumption and coastal health. The company plans to be waste free by 2025 and to be carbon neutral and to have all ecosystems that surround Iberostar properties are improving in ecological health alongside profitable tourism by 2030.


Peter DeBrine, Senior Project Manager, UNESCO

Mr. DeBrine is a destination advisor and sustainable tourism expert. For the past ten years he coordinated the UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme, providing a global framework for finding coordinated sustainable tourism solutions for heritage conservation and local community development. As a Senior Project Officer, he spearheaded the implementation of the global tourism projects and private sector partnerships for UNESCO.