Connecting the Digital Dots:

The Motivations and Mindset of European Travellers

Commissioned with marketing research firm Northstar Research Partners, this multi-generational study examines the online influences and priorities of British, French, and German travellers. The study compares travel statistics across several generations including Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, and boomers.

As emerging millennials and Gen Z travellers are on the rise, some traditional ways of travel marketing are becoming less effective when engaging with these generations.

Through this study, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of the latest European travel trends, including what influences destination and purchase decisions, along with actionable insights to lead your marketing efforts in identifying, engaging with, and converting travel audiences across generations.

Download the research to learn:

  • Get insights into how the younger generations travel and engage with online travel content
  • Travel trends by country and generation – from up and coming Gen Z and millennial travellers to more established Gen X and boomer tourists
  • Digital influences, resources, platforms, and devices used across each generation
  • The motives and priorities behind their consideration set as they search, discover, explore, and book travel