Travel habits and behaviors of Generation Z, millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers

In conjunction with our research partners, Northstar, this multi-generational study investigates the travel habits, across generations, of French travellers. In addition to uncovering key trends, the study also offers insights for marketers looking to reach French generations. The study uncovers how these generations travel, what resources they use to plan their travel, and how they engage with technology along their purchase journey.

Other insights include: Millennials are spending the most time on vacation but Gen Z shows a preference for longer vacations. Meanwhile, Boomers are travelling internationally, while Gen X travellers love to relax and sight-see. These and other insights will help you understand these generations more clearly and reach, engage, and convert these travellers.

Download the research to learn:

  • Which generations prefer plane travel
  • What types of content are most persuasive
  • What kinds of advertisements are the most influential
  • Which generations are the most destination decisive/indecisive