Generation Alpha and Family Travel

Global research reveals the behaviors and preferences of families with kids who are in Generation Alpha. We explore how these youngsters are influencing family travel, by region and country.

Generation Alpha & Family Travel Trends

Explore the Generation Alpha and Family Travel Trends Study for an overview of how young children are influencing family travel around the world. We surveyed families in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the UK and the US; all families surveyed included a child or grandchild born in 2010 or after. 


Generation Alpha and Family Travel by Region

Take a closer look at the unique factors that are influencing how families travel, from the Asia Pacific Region to Latin America.


Family Travel in LATAM v North America

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Family Travel in APAC

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Generation Alpha & Family Travel Trends Infographic

Globally, we have found that families traveling with Gen Alpha are more likely to stay in hotels. And more than 80 percent of families plan travel together. Explore the Generation Alpha and Family Travel Trends Infographic.



 Key Takeaways on Generation Alpha Families

1. Gen Alpha Influence Trip Decisions

Gen Alpha is expected to be the longest-lived, most digitally-savvy population the world has ever seen—and this generation of youngsters is already exerting huge influence on how their families make decisions. Although final decisions are made by the adults, more than one-third of respondents say Gen Alpha influences family trip choices. 

2. Families Gen Alpha Prioritize Convenience

Convenience is more important than lowest price when selecting transportation and accommodations for family trips. Approximately 40% of family travelers select their accommodations based on location and family needs.  Fifty-two percent of travelers said they choose their transportation based on convenience, compared to 34 percent who said they choose based on what’s most affordable. 

3. Family Fun is Key 

When planning family trips, ninety-five percent of respondents agree that “keeping their family entertained and happy is of the utmost importance;" travelers are most likely to seek out theme parks and attractions (74 percent), water activities (67 percent), and outdoor activities (55 percent) to keep their families entertained. 


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