Impact of Multiscreens on the British Traveler's Purchase Path


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Strategies for Engaging UK Travelers with a Multi-Platform Approach

The UK audience represents a growing population of consumer travelers who are consuming content and booking travel from their mobile devices. Approximately 35 million consumers in the UK engage with digital travel content each month with nearly half of UK travelers engaging with travel on both their PCs and mobile devices.

Access the on-demand webinar, Understanding the Impact of Multiscreens on the Travel Purchase Path, featuring highlights from our latest study, presented by Chris Blakely, vice president at comScore along with co-panelist, Noah Tratt, senior vice president at Expedia Media Solutions.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • How mobile bookings span across the different lines of travel
  • The differences in usage among PC, smartphones and tablets, as well as between the UK and US
  • What solutions you can leverage to reach the multi-screen consumer

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