How Marketing Can Drive Hotel Recovery


Whitepaper: Marketing's Role in Hotel Recovery 

The return of travel will look different the world over. The good news is that with the broader rollout of vaccine programs and borders starting to re-open, travel demand is coming back - and in some cases, quickly. Whether you manage marketing for a boutique hotel or an international brand, the time is now to connect with travelers.

Doing so in the right way will be key to helping travel shoppers decide to stay with you. From highlighting special offers to communicating ongoing pandemic protocols, hotel marketers have an opportunity to address traveler concerns, drive demand and begin the road to recovery.

Read the whitepaper to learn:

  • What the latest data and insights indicate about traveler preferences
  • What hotel marketers can do to reassure travelers
  • How to best feature your new and updated pandemic procedures
  • How other hotels are running successful recovery campaigns


Read time: approximately 8 minutes

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