Comprehensive, custom research reveals online travel shoppers’ behavior throughout the consumer journey

American, British, and Canadian travelers’ paths to purchase

Expedia Media Solutions blends behavioral data with a custom survey to surface the latest trends of American, British, and Canadian online travel shoppers throughout the inspiration, consideration, and booking phases – uncovering opportunities for marketers to reach and influence traveler purchase decisions.

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Impacts on Markets and Products

Learn key insights and statistics that Expedia Media Solutions identified in the traveler’s Path to Purchase research on advertising, device usage, millennial traveler trends, and destination selection. Marketers can utilize these findings to understand how to engage with these key travel shoppers throughout this process using digital media solutions.

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Impacts by Region

Gain insights into American, British, and Canadian travelers’ paths to purchase. For a broad overview by region, view Research. For deeper analysis and statistics, view the related White Paper.



Research | White Paper



Research | White Paper | Webinar



Research | White Paper

Discover Travel Marketing Trends

The online research and booking process for travelers has become a complex path that is difficult to understand. American, British, and Canadian travelers visit 120 to 160 travel sites before booking a trip. Prior to booking, they visit an average of 290 total websites across multiple devices over a 45-day period. The purpose of this behavioral and survey based research commissioned with comScore is to shed light on the path to purchase of these travelers so that marketers can more effectively engage digital consumers.

Learn key statistics and insights the study uncovered that illuminate trends for millennials, online advertising, and mobile usage. Find the collected statistics and trends in Discovering the Millennial Traveler, Travel Consumer Device Usage: Data and Trends, and Advertising Awareness Insights. Knowing these current trends can help identify key opportunities and marketing strategies to reach travelers and influence a traveler’s destination selection.

Created with Destination Marketers and DMOs in mind, our study on the traveler's booking behavior and destination selection focuses on the digital consumer's journey when deciding between multiple locations. This white paper includes key insights on number of destinations considered, travel consumers’ search behavior, and online travel content consumption.

Traveler Differences by Country

Travel and tourism is a large and growing industry in the US, UK, and Canada. Travelers in these markets are not only traveling more, but they are also consuming more online travel content. As travelers seek out more content for inspiration and information, travel content consumption has gone up 18-44% year-over-year in these three markets.

To get a comparative overview of all three highlighted regions, download The Traveler’s Path to Purchase Research. To gain a deeper understanding of each region, download The American Traveler’s Digital Landscape, The British Traveler’s Digital Landscape, or The Canadian Traveler’s Digital Landscape.

Audience Extension

Expand your advertising and marketing strategy by tapping into Expedia’s first-party data with PassportAds audience extension. By using travel intent data, advertisers can reach travelers wherever they are online to increase sales.

Expedia’s audience extension tool is a component of successful marketing strategies for destinations, airlines, hotels, car rental providers, and local activities. See how travel brands like Cirque du Soleil and Korean Air have successfully used this tool to improve their ROAS. PassportAds helps destinations and brands stay top-of-mind during the travel consumer’s entire path to purchase by leveraging travel intent data. Check out the PassportsAds Audience Extension eBook on how to leverage first-party travel data for targeted advertising to learn more.

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