Traveler Sentiment & Influences Infographic

Asia Pacific | 2020-2021


Asia-Pacific Infographic

We surveyed 11,000 travelers across 11 countries to understand the impact of the pandemic on travel in 2020 and what is driving intent to travel in 2021.

This infographic brings our findings from the Asia-Pacific region into focus. Our global research, combined with insights derived from Expedia Group's exclusive, owned data, reveals the variation in traveler confidence across Asia Pacific. For example, Chinese travelers are more optimistic about travel in 2021 than travelers from other Asia-Pacific countries. Japanese travelers need the most reassurance, while about 1 in 2 Australians are confident about traveling in 2021. 

Take a closer look at how COVID-19 has impacted everything from traveler confidence to selection of destination, accommodation type, and mode of transportation in China, Japan, and Australia. 

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