2022 | Q1

Traveler Value Index: 2022 Outlook


What are travelers looking for in 2022?

In this report we examine the expectations of travelers from a range of global markets to predict what's in store for the travel industry in 2022. In doing so we answer questions such as how likely they are to travel, how they are adapting their habits, and what they value most in a travel offering.    

Download the report to learn the current outlook of travelers, including how:

  • Flexibility is more important than ever
  • Expectations vary by generation
  • There's increasing demand for travel to be a force for good, both socially and environmentally
  • The pandemic continues to feed the appetite for travel, with much pent-up demand remaining
  • Loyalty programs will play an important role in travel booking in 2022


Read time: approximately 6 minutes

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