A Profile of the American Bleisure Traveler

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Learn how to influence the growing segment of travelers who extend their business trips to leisure

In a new study with Luth Research, Expedia Media Solutions sheds light on the previously untapped bleisure market - business travelers who extend their business trips to leisure. The research uncovers unique habits, decision making influences, and the digital journey for these travelers.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • What type of travelers are turning their business trips into bleisure trips
  • Which factors influence the decision to extend a trip for leisure
  • Activities or destinations most likely to entice the bleisure traveler
  • How to influence this growing segment of travelers and develop a stronger marketing strategy in 2017


Speakers from Luth Research and Expedia Media Solutions:


Becky Wu Luth Research Bleisure

Becky Wu, Ph.D.

Senior Executive Vice President

Luth Research



Candice Rab Luth Research Bleisure

Candice Rab

 Senior Vice President New Products

Luth Research



Monya Mandich Expedia Media Solutions Bleisure

Monya Mandich

 Global Senior Director Marketing and Communications

Expedia Media Solutions